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  •         Our team has rich experience in the industry, the main core members from the Dalian Machine Tool Institute, Dalian Machine Tool Plant and Yida Daying Machine Tool Co., Ltd. and other units in the industry have been working for two or three decades, we can For the automotive engine, gearbox and related parts manufacturers to provide highly intelligent overall planning and turnkey projects. At the same time can cover the process planning, machine tool selection, fixture design and manufacturing, the overall implementation of automation, information technology as a whole series of intelligent turnkey projects.

            Provide cylinder head flexible production line: the whole line planning, design, production organization and installation commissioning, the whole line of the whole turnkey.

  •         WEBEN SMART powertrain automation mainly for the engine assembly assembly and testing, transmission assembly assembly and testing, assembly and testing of motor assembly, battery module assembly and testing and other automotive power transmission field. We have a strong technical team, the core of the backbone are from the industry well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises, master the forefront of industry technology, has a wealth of experience in project implementation. For different customers to provide the whole line of process planning, simulation, design and manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, system integration, turnkey engineering and other professional customization services.


            Powertrain automation according to different customer needs, can provide customers with menu configuration, the most cost-effective process planning. Changan engine assembly line project, which has been delivered, will create considerable economic value for customers. The assembly line with a high degree of automation, advanced equipment and high stability, high flexibility, high production capacity, low labor costs and so on.

            WEBEN SMART Information Integration Business Division is the main content of the work through the integration of existing customer information construction, and further integration with the field of automated processing means to achieve intelligent manufacturing management objectives. Weibin Intelligent Information Division is the main business direction for APS, MES and WMS, we have a professional technical staff and integration of the world's leading solutions. Can provide customers with the overall intelligent manufacturing solutions consulting, planning, implementation and after-sales service.


    Advantages of information integration:


             Increased productivity and transparency.
             Reduce the preparation time while making the product traceability can be achieved.
             MES is not just an executable visualization tool, it is a decision support system.


    The Function Of MES:



    Intelligent Manufacturing In Machining & Assembly Workshop


    Standard functions of the engine shop

    MES data trace of engine parts

    Machining line of engine parts --MES visualized KANBAN

    Standard functions of the assembly shop