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          Stamping automation division with its own experience in the field of stamping automation for many years to provide customers with dozens of stamping automated production lines, by the majority of customers praise. We are based on the actual production needs of customers, integrated stamping special software and cleaning machines, oiling machines and other stamping process equipment, to provide customers with customized, intelligent solutions, technical and quality to maintain the international advanced level, while the cost also Has a great advantage, and the localization of technical services so that customers do not have to worry about. Let customer satisfaction is our aim!

          We have many years in the field of stamping automation technology precipitation, completed the stamping automation equipment serialization, standardization work, formed with a special characteristics of the high-end stamping automation solutions. Hardware, through unremitting accumulation and improvement, to provide customers with a stack of trolley, feed belt machine, visually in the belt machine and other stamping automation equipment and terminal set of solutions and services. Software, through continuous testing and improvement to develop dedicated to the stamping automation business robot automatic stamping system - electrical control software V2.0, robot software V2.0 and robot vision control software V2.0 and software and obtain software copyright certification.


            WEBEN SMART white body business unit is a white body and body parts production line system integrators, the main business covers the body process planning synchronous engineering, white body welding production line and body parts production welding unit, including spot welding, Unilateral welding, flexible piping, glue, laser welding process.

            We have a strong technical engineering and project management team, the main technical staff and project management staff with more than 10 years experience in white body and parts welding project, technical and project management to maintain The international advanced level, but the cost has a great advantage, can provide customers with high quality localization of the body welding solutions and services.


    WEBEN available

             Synchronization of project planning   
             Plane Layout and Process Planning Capability
             Welding fixture design and manufacturing capabilities
             Robot simulation capability
             Full line installation integration and automation control capabilities
             Project organization and control ability
             Can provide customers with a cost-effective independent third-party solutions


    We offer turnkey automation turnkey works


    Automatic use of welding

    White body welding line SE planning

    White body welding line

    Arc welding workstations

    Cover the line curling

    Coating workstations

    Spot welding station

          WEBEN SMART Information Integration Business Division is the main content of the work through the integration of existing customer information construction, and further integration with the field of automated processing means to achieve intelligent manufacturing management objectives. Weibin Intelligent Information Division is the main business direction for APS, MES and WMS, we have a professional technical staff and integration of the world's leading solutions. Can provide customers with the overall intelligent manufacturing solutions consulting, planning, implementation and after-sales service.


    Advantages of information integration:


             Increased productivity and transparency.
             Reduce the preparation time while making the product traceability can be achieved.
             MES is not just an executable visualization tool, it is a decision support system.


    The Function Of MES:



    Intelligent manufacturing overall structure (stamping welding workshop)


    end of arm tooling


    WEBEN Press Automation Products——Advantages of Tooling


    l  To choose the worldwide renowned brands for key components


    l Lightweight, flexible and reliable structure components


    l  Professional and reliable adaptor


    l  Professional structural analysis


    l  Modular design



    technological process  




    A variety of products