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            WEBEN SMART is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots remanufacturing and service in China. It has mature industrial robot remanufacturing ability and professional personnel. We provide cost-effective products, save you 60% of the cost and solve the problem of after-sales service.

    Choose the reasons for the wisdom of wisdom:

             Rich experience in robot integration and debugging;

             Professional choice from foreign imports of second - hand robots, Weiben intelligent comprehensive renovation and upgrading;
             To provide quality assurance services (all China) and adequate spare parts system;
             5 comprehensive radiation after-sales service points (Shanghai, Dalian, Chongqing, Nanchang, Beijing);
             The spot is mentioned, short delivery time, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

    Robot service:

         Robot routine maintenance and service.
         Robot maintenance and emergency repair services.
         Robot Operator Training Services.
         Robot Pipeline Customization Service.

    Robot accessories:

           Our spare parts perfectly match your robot, work unit and equipment, and meet the highest quality requirements. Our spare parts service guarantees the availability of spare parts on a global scale to ensure the reliability of your equipment. In the maintenance of spare parts through the supply of services to the most modern logistics system to ensure that you as soon as possible to replace the parts. In this way, you can avoid high-cost shutdown.

            For standard spare parts, Weiben Smart promised to stock for at least five years.        

         Conventional fragile spare parts inventory.

         Timely response to technical support.

         With the aging of the logistics.

            WEBEN SMART in 2014 to set up the robot pipeline system project department, with more than 10 senior technical staff, specifically for the robot flexible pipeline system design, manufacture and installation. At present, a number of well-known domestic car manufacturers based on KUKA robot pipeline package design and replacement services.

    The overall effect of the robot pipeline package

    Note: This line pack example is applicable to the KUKA welding robot C4 system.