information integration of smart logistics
  • automated warehouse system
  • intelligent distribution system
  • information integration of smart logistics
  • the overall solution of intelligent logistics

    automated storage system


    Automated warehouse is composed of assembled shelves supplemented by stacker, conveying equipment, stacking equipment, handling equipment, etc. through manual, stand-alone, online or computer networking control, it can realize automatic access to goods, make full use of building space, achieve standardization, automation, greatly reduce the error rate, greatly reduce labor intensity, and reduce storage and transportation costs.




    According to customer needs, we provide different types of automated warehouse.




    Double-deep automated warehouse



    single-deep automated warehouse



    material type automated warehouse


    Advantages of Weben automated storage



    Ø  High-rises shelf save the floor space, improve space utilization.

    Ø  Auto retrieval and storage makes high-speed working, enhance productivity.

    Ø  Control by computer, reduce manpower expense.

    Ø  Batch maintaining of EOAT is supported.

    Ø  Indoor safe store, avoid collision or damage.

    Ø  Promote the enterprise automation level


    Intelligent distribution system


    Intelligent distribution system refers to intelligent transportation equipment, intelligent transportation equipment, intelligent palletizing equipment and other intelligent logistics peripheral equipment.





    Roller conveyor system


    Belt conveyor system



    pallet conveyor system


    conveying and sorting system


    vertical conveyor system

    information integration of intelligent logistics




    MES manufacturing execution system





    WMS warehouse management system





    WCS automation control system




    The overall solution of intelligent logistics for automated factories



    To provide professional production automation and intelligent logistics solutions for manufacturing enterprises, including overall planning, design and simulation, system integration, customized development of related software (MES, WMS, etc.), special aircraft equipment, development of electronic control system, on-site installation and debugging, customer training and after-sales service, etc.