WEBEN Intelligent invited to participate in the Songjiang District to celebrate the founding of the


      On the morning of June 28, Weiben Intelligent Electromechanical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the symposium of Songjiang District to celebrate the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the district party secretary Cheng Xiangmin attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy secretary of the district, the mayor Qin Jian presided over the meeting, Songjiang District unit party organization and grass-roots party members on behalf of more than 200 people attended the event.

      Participants watched the "party leader, Kechuang drive" Songjiang manufacturing "towards" Songjiang create "" feature film. District party secretary Cheng Xiangmin stressed that to strengthen the party to lead, "double service double hit" world-class G60 Branch corridor. In the construction of G60 corridor corridor in advance to promote the party building work: the economy off to the real, Kechuang drive "Songjiang manufacturing" towards "Songjiang create"; party building virtual reality, in the radiation 283 square kilometers of G60 Corps corridor Play the unique system of leadership led by the party. We must innovate and promote the full coverage of the party building work of the two new organizations, straighten out the two-party organization management system, explore the project landing, the party's work floor "double landing" model, build a "nine corridors" regional big party building, The spirit of the people by the spirit of the spirit, the spirit of the ideal and faith, the party building project is to be based on this idea. The party building project is the foundation of the party, the industrial chain of the party leader system; Consensus to do deep real, focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship, scientific and technological research, artisans cultivation, brand building, patent breakthrough, transformation and upgrading aspects of the establishment of party building projects, play party organizations and party members in promoting corporate innovation, innovation and development of the leading role, Attack the role.

      Cheng Xiangmin and other district leaders to the Division I, including the newly established "two new" party organization award, at the same time to the grassroots party organizations and all the Communist Party members to a congratulatory and sincere greetings, and concluding remarks, Based, to promote the party building work comprehensive progress, comprehensive and excellent. To strengthen the leadership, in the responsibility to work hard. The party and the party must take the lead in resolutely and thoroughly implement the whole process of building all aspects of the party. Party organizations at all levels should earnestly strengthen their leadership, take full responsibility for the party's overall responsibility, strengthen the ideological party, organize the party, system the party, level, level pressure, ensure the responsibility of party organizations at all levels Implement the floor. The district committee will serve as the guarantor, serve the creator, in order to promote the "one goal, the three initiatives" solidman support, while not as an act of chaos as strict behavior. To strong base solid, in the normal long-term efforts. Deepen the "two schools to do a" learning and education normalization of institutionalization, and firmly establish all the work of the party to the branch of the distinctive direction of the party discipline and discipline, the series of lectures as the basic content of regular education, in-depth study, Continue to change. To demonstrate the promotion, in the effectiveness of efforts to work hard. All the work of the party is for the people. Party organizations and party members at all levels in the region should adhere to the people-centered development concept, the people of Songjiang people look forward to a better life on the shoulders, on the heart, around the "decision-making in accordance with the truth, The town has the strength, the masses are affordable, "the work-oriented, with a solid position pioneer action for the development of meritorious deeds, for the masses to enhance the well-being; to deepen the" party flag inserted on the grid "to strengthen the party building grid resource allocation and strength Equipped with, to improve the timely detection of problems, the disposal of contradictions, precision service to the masses and the ability of enterprises, give full play to the role of party vanguard model, only real only dry, difficult to forge ahead, building "Kechuang, humanities, ecology," the modernization of new Songjiang.