City letter by the letter to the small and medium enterprises to do our research


      On the afternoon of July 7, 2017, the deputy director of the Office of the Coordination Office of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Municipal Committee of the People's Republic of China, District Economic Commission Enterprise Services Branch, SME Development Service Center related personnel to accompany research.

      Zhao, deputy director of a line around the 2017 Shanghai small and medium enterprises to develop special and the city "special new special" to declare the situation, I went to Division I intelligent mechanical and electrical field research. In the research, Zhao Yi, deputy director of the Division I listened to the general manager of the development of enterprises on the status quo, technology research and development, project reporting and other aspects of a brief understanding of the development of small and medium enterprises on the work of the views and suggestions on product development, market development, , Enterprise reporting project progress and other aspects of in-depth discussion.

      Zhao Yi, deputy director of the Division I in their respective areas of professional development achievements to give a high degree of recognition, and informed the city SME Office to further promote the development of SMEs related to the work to encourage Division I to further strengthen the capacity of scientific and technological innovation, Innovation to promote enterprise development, to achieve all-round upgrade for the regional economic transformation and upgrading and economic development and make greater contributions.